Having NET-LS (Lectureship), does it really worth?

Are you a CSIR/ UGC/ICAR NET LS holder and want to opt for teaching as your career? Do you think having NET LS is sufficient?

I don’t think so! I am having CSIR and ICAR NET LS but I am not a PhD, so am I eligible for faculty position at any of the central universities or IITs or Agriculture Universities? The answer is no, I am not!! Because if I want to apply in any of the above then I should have NET, PhD, post doc and lots and lots of publications in high impact factor journals. But yeah, I am eligible for attending any walk in interview for project JRF positions to do research. Our government/ UGC give us the so called eligibility for lectureship to apply at anywhere in India, but the reality is somewhat different. If I want to teach in a university then I will also have to do research.

Now I have a question in mind that what if someone is very good in teaching but not at research and vice versa? Teaching and research are two different aspects, not everyone is good in both. So, if someone after masters and NET, only want to opt for teaching in universities, then there are very less options available(state government exams) and these less options are for those who is having masters in basic science. Now what about students having allied subjects? Like life sciences cover various allied subjects such as- Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Nanoscience, Neuroscience, Genetics, Industrial Biotechnology, etc. Physics, Chemistry, Humanities are also having various allied subjects.

There are thousands of students who are having post graduation in these allied subjects but there are very less vacancies available for them. So, many of them either go for another post graduation in basic science or they change their field to get a job.

If CSIR/UGC/ICAR is giving us the eligibility for lectureship then they should generate more vacancies in the area of teaching. The best way to do this is, separate teaching and research. So that if someone wants to opt for teaching only then he/she can apply for that and will work as a lecturer or if someone wants to opt for research only then he/she can apply for that and will work as a scientist or if someone wants to do both then this provision should also be there. There should be a centralized process for the recruitment of all these posts.

This will increase number of vacancies in the area of science and decrease unemployment. And of course, this will reduce frustration and stress of youngsters who is facing this problem of unemployment.

I hope you all agree with me at some level over the point. So, if you really gonna think in this way then kindly give your valuable feedback in comment box below.

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    Really very informative article. I like the way you make the comparison with chocolate. Thanks for sharing with us.

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