PCOS: Don’t allow this curse to ruin your daughter’s life

Naina, a 16 year old teenager, suddenly started gaining weight and her periods also became irregular. Her mom was having PCOS and she was quite worried about her. She took her to the gynaecologist. After ultrasound test, Naina diagnosed with PCOS.

In case 2, Avani, a 25 year old youngster was facing the same problem and after ultrasound test, she was diagnosed with PCOS. In this case her mother was not having PCOS. When her mother checked the family history of Avani’s paternal side, she came to know that Avani’s aunt (father’s sister) is having the same issue.

PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome/Disorder) is one of the common disorders now days among the girls of childbearing age. In this a woman’s levels of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are out of balance. Affected women grow many cysts on their ovaries. The exact cause behind PCOS has not been understood yet and research is still going on to find out its inheritance pattern. However, Clinical studies till now suggests that it is a familial condition/an autosomal dominant disorder. In simple words, it can inherit either from mother side or father side. The affected progeny will be girls only. In Naina’s case, it was from maternal side and in Avani’s case, it was from paternal side.

Individuals having PCOS may experience these symptoms:

  • Irregular menstruation
  • Acne, skin tags, oily skin
  • Obesity and weight gain
  • Unwanted hair growth (Hirsutism)
  • Mood swings, Depression, Anxiety

This disorder can further lead to infertility, diabetes or heart problems in future. Whether it is coming from father side or mother side, parents should take care of it. They should check family history from both side and check the possibility of PCOS inheritance. If they found that this can be inherited to their daughter then by doing these precaution measures they can minimize the effect of this disorder:

  • Give your daughter a good and nutritious diet from childhood, having more protein and less carbohydrates.
  • Try to avoid fast food as much as you can.
  • Add outdoor games in her daily routine.
  • Avoid any kind of disputes in front of her, it may give her stress.
  • Keep her body weight maintained, this is the best way to reduce the chance of having PCOS.
  • When she gets her periods, educate her properly about puberty and menstruation.

There is no as such cure for this. All one can do is to minimize its effects. For girls who are having PCOS, do these little changes in your life, it will help you maintain your PCOS:

  • Make exercise a part of your life and maintain weight.
  • Try to do meditation and yoga
  • Try not to take stress, I know it’s not easy because this hormonal imbalance gives you mood swings and depression. But if you feel low then engage yourself in tasks that you love to do. It will reduce your stress and mood swings.
  • Have a nutritious and healthy diet with protein as a main source of energy.
  • Visit your doctor whenever needed, because it is necessary to keep yourself updated.

Living with PCOS is not at all easy because it breaks a girl physically and mentally. I want to request all girls and boys that if you think someone in your family or relatives or friend is experiencing these kind of symptoms then take her to doctor and check for PCOS. Also check your family history if someone is having this kind of problem so that you can be aware of it and can give your daughter a better life in future. Your one small step can be a boon for your daughter’s life.

Prevention is always better than cure. Go ahead and take first step.

I hope this article will help lot of girls. Cheers ladies!!!!

With love


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  1. I agree with it.. this is a burning question now a days for us because if it was not diagnosed properly it would left us to think our future not more than the darkness…

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