Poonam Bharti: Born to be a Researcher

While teaching in school, Poonam was not contented with it. She felt something is missing in her life. She was doing job but not feeling it worth because her passion was different. She did research work in the area of biotechnology, prior to this and still wants to go for research. Although her previous experience in lab was not so good, she decided to give it a second chance.

She applied for project JRF (Junior Research Fellow) at CSIR- IHBT (Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology) Palampur, India and got selected. She was very happy at that day. She joined the lab and met her guide. She was willing to do PhD as well but at very first day her guide said that he will not enrol her as a PhD student. 

She started working and initial days were not as good for her. She faced many issues in lab but her passion for research was so high that she kept on moving. Here is a brief summary of research work done by Poonam Bharti:

In simple words, she did research on making salt tolerant varieties of plant so that they can be grown in high salinity areas. She did this research on tobacco plant. The study basically aimed on epigenetic regulation (
epigenetics can be used to describe anything other than DNA sequence that influences the development of an organism) of gene expression of genes involved in flavonoid and antioxidant biosynthetic pathways in tobacco plant. Flavonoids and antioxidants are secondary metabolites produce by plants which help them to grow in salt stress conditions.She did lots of experiments that were new in the lab and she performed for the first time in that lab. She standardised epigenetic experiments like promoter isolation, methylation study, bisulfite sequencing, gene expression study and many more. Finally she had raised the transgenic plants that are having high level of expression of genes involved in flavonoid and antioxidant pathways, which made these plants salt tolerant. Her findings were published in Journal of Experimental Botany which is having impact factor 5.3 Further if you want to take a look on this whole study then go to this link: https://academic.oup.com/jxb/article-lookup/doi/10.1093/jxb/erv304


After publishing this awesome paper, her guide asked her to join PhD and that was the awesome feeling she ever had. Now she is a research scholar at CSIR IHBT. From beginning to end she followed her passion, passion for research and ultimately she got success. 

Her story inspires each and every researcher to do what they love to do the most. Passion for research is beyond amazing and we all should appreciate our researchers. I can proudly say that my friend Poonam Bharti did an applaudable job. I wish her all the very best for future and more success in her research career. 

Hats off to you girl !!!!!

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