What if researchers stop doing research??????

It was a fine morning, loveliest day of the week, Sunday! Harsh woke up at 11 and plugged in his cell phone to charge but there was no electricity. He asked his mom and came to know that there was no electricity from past 3 hours. He phoned electricity office.

Hello, how can I help you sir? Customer care representative guy asked!
There is no electricity in our area since morning. How much time will it take electricity to come back? He questioned.
Sorry sir, with the increased civilization, all the electricity has been gobbled up by peoples. We all were consuming electricity at a high pace that we couldn’t realize that this crisis can happen, representative replied.
What! What do you mean by that? How can electricity gets over? This can’t be possible. Produce it with some other options then, He exclaimed.
This is not our job sir. Our job is to distribute the electricity. We can’t help, representative said.
Damn, what is this nonsense? He murmured and hung up the phone.

Harsh got ready because he planned to buy a new bike and he went to the retailer’s shop.

At shop,
Sir, how can I help you? Salesman asked.
Show me the latest model of bikes, he replied.
Yah sure sir, see this is the latest one bike, Salesman pointed at one of the bikes and said.
But that one is out-dated, Harsh squinted.
I have this model right now. Show me new and trendy one, he asked.
Sorry sir, we have all bikes of this model only because there is no research and development going on in any of the manufacturing company, salesman replied.
But why, there should always be research & development happening, otherwise what the benefit of purchasing same model everytime? He questioned.
Sorry sir, our work is to sale bikes, salesman answered.

Harsh became infuriate and came out of the shop, thumping his feet on the ground. He suddenly remembered that he has to go to medical store to buy his medicine, so he went there.

At store, Give me this medicine, he said.
Sorry sir, this one is out of stock, shopkeeper replied.
When will be next stock coming? He asked.
It will not come because the plant from which the compound has been extracted to make this medicine is now extinct from nature, shopkeeper replied.
Are you kidding me? How can plant get extinct? He asked.
Yes sir, we have consumed all the plants of this species in making medicines. Now the plant is no longer present in nature. You know sir; there are about 2493 plant species that are enlisted as critically endangered by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), shopkeeper said.
Stop giving me lecture now, he replied ferociously.

God, what is happening today, he murmured and started his bike to return towards home. He noticed his fuel indicator was indicating low fuel.
Oh great, Now! Fuel is low too, I should visit nearby fuel station, he mumbled.

At fuel station,
Fill the tank full, he said to the vendor.
Sorry sir, we don’t have fuel, it got over, vendor replied.
What? Now don’t say that neither you are having stock nor it will come, he replied ferociously.
Yes, you are right sir, conventional fossil fuel that we were having is now exhausted, vendor said.
Oh, c’mon, please stop all these; his face was distorted with rage.

Suddenly he heard so much noise behind him. He turned back and saw everyone was screaming for fuel and all the other things.
And he woke up, It was a dream.
Was it just a dream or an ordeal?
Still confused? Let me explain.

Electricity, one of the greatest inventions of science, is our foremost requirement. We can’t even imagine our lives without it. But with increasing population, demand is also increasing day by day. All around the world research is going on to create alternative options to generate energy, so that future requirements can be fulfilled. One of the examples of this is the solar energy which is now a day’s using by peoples all around.

Our today’s life is surrounded by lots of gadgets like mobiles, laptops, bikes; cars etc. and everyone wants to have the latest version of these. If research and development will not be there then we can’t think of having the same model for the whole life. Do we????

As I mentioned above there are about 2493 plant species enlisted as critically endangered by IUCN. Plant tissue culture is one of the techniques to conserve plants in laboratory and save them to get extinct from wild. One of the Himalayan plant species Picrorhiza kurroa (a medicinal plant) is also critically endangered plant and I have worked on its conservation by making its cell lines at CSIR-IHBT, India. Researchers are working all around the world for conservation of all endangered plant and animal species.

With the high rate of usage of fossil fuel/conventional fuel, we may have to face fuel crisis and for this scientists are developing alternative options. The best example of non conventional fuel is biofuel which can be derived directly from plants or algae and indirectly from agriculture or industrial waste.

These are few examples of what scientists and researchers are doing in lab to provide us a better and easy life. But the problem is no one can actually understand that what researchers are doing. It happened to me many times, when I say that I am doing research then people usually make fun of it by saying; all discoveries and inventions have been made. Are you “re-searching” the research now? No, we are not re-searching; we are creating alternative options for a better today and tomorrow. And, if researchers will stop doing research then may be that ordeal can come to reality.

Value our scientist and researchers guys; they are doing their best in all possible ways.

And yeah, sleep well.

With love

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